Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crescent City to Clear Lake: 283 miles

As we left Crescent City, we saw a whole slew of fishing boats in a dock and decided to check them out. There was a low fog which added to the enchantment, and we were enamored with the entire setting.

seattle 004
seattle 003 copy
The sea was quite choppy and we were entranced by the waves.
seattle 009seattle 010
We were also amazed at the huge trees! We had started seeing redwoods yesterday, and were blown away by their size. The pictures just don't do it justice!seattle 021seattle 040seattle 044
This is a felled redwood; Hunter is standing at one end, taking the picture...and I'm at the other end. You can't even see me...that's how tall these darn things are! It's completely unfathomable.
seattle 059

We had the misfortune of travelling thru the redwoods during some sort of Harley Davidson festival. There is really no better way to disturb the peace and solitude of a lovely day in the woods than by adding a few harleys to the mix. I love motorcycles, but I don't care for the loud ones. It's an unnecessary headache. We passed through this little town and the streets were just lined with harleys.
seattle 068
I'll admit, it hastened our departure. After leaving town we saw this bridge under construction, and thought it looked pretty cool:
seattle 069
We finally arrived at the Clear Lake Campground and you'll never guess it...full! Again! We were bummed. Hunter drove up to the entrance booth and asked where we could camp. The attendant told us we were in luck...someone had just left site #2. We paid our $20 fee and drove forward. Right into this:

Are you kidding me?! No wonder those folks left site #2...it was boggy and mosquito-infested. We had hopped out of the car and Hunter was getting ready to set up the tent when those suckers descended. I beelined it straight for the car and informed Hunter we were promptly leaving. Hunter, being the more rational and level-headed member of the family, broke out the repellent and we bathed ourselves in it. He promised to set up the tent and then we'd go to the lake. We return after sunset, when the bugs had settled down. I reluctantly consented.

So we went to the lake and Hunter took Old Yeller for a run. I read my book, we ate our dinner, and then prepared ourselves for round two with the bugs. Since we practically flew from the car to the tent, it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, we did have a couple skeeters try to bunk with us, and they did manage a few bites before they met their untimely demise. After getting rid of those pests and scratching ourselves from head to toe, we finally settled down. Then we smelled a skunk. I started freaking out again...I was sure something would scare it and we would be the unfortunate recipients of its malodorous defense mechanism. Yikes! Of course, it was a Saturday night and the campground was crowded. So not only did I have to worry about skeeters and skunks but I had to listen to the rowdy partiers until the wee hours of the morning. I was not impressed with this campsite...why couldn't every night be like the Hoh Rainforest? That was perfection at its greatest!

I'm happy to report that I did survive, and I may have even built a little bit of character. Although I highly doubt it. :)


Momma Mimi said...

Do you take these photos? If you do you are a dang good photographer! Will I see you monday at the cabin? I hope SO!!

Smiley Family said...

Nothing worse than a bunch of skeeters! Good for you for sticking it out. And again, love the pics.