Sunday, June 8, 2008

Season Kick-Off

Of course, I'm not talking about football, baseball or any kind of ball. As most of you know, Mr. & Mrs. Sheedy are not exactly athletically inclined. I'm talking about a much more important season: Road-Trip season! Woohoo! We officially kicked off our Road-Trip season by having a pre-vacation celebration. Our celebrations were decidedly gender-appropriate: I spent the day with my sisters and the kids, getting to know the newest member of the family and reminding the other buddies who their favourite aunt is. Hunter spent the day with Papa Johnson and the boys at the Stihl Timbersports event at Thanksgiving Point. My papa was stoked to learn this event was coming to Utah, and promptly purchased tickets for all his sons. Jed Albrecht was the only one unable to join the festivities, and consequently he is the only who did not wake up red as a lobster this morning. You wouldn't think, considering how cloudy and 'not-warm' yesterday was, that these poor guys would have gotten so much sun. However, they did spend close to ten hours at this event, and as Hunter reminded me: it's the sun that causes sunburns, not the heat. Poor dudes! Although, from the sound of it, they thought it was worth it. J

A few weeks ago (about the time Uncle Sam decided to send us a bunch of money), I purchased a new camera. It's a digital SLR, and it's my new best friend. Well yesterday there was a brief moment of marital crisis when it came to deciding who would be the lucky soul allowed to use the camera for the day. In the end, I won. Hunter is a very smart man. J Okay I'm exaggerating a bit…I don't think Hunter was really that interested in packing a camera around all day…he didn't even take the 'ole point & shoot. So these timbersport pics are coming to you courtesy of, well, Stihl Timbersports. Go figure.

underhand chop
single buck
stock saw
blade sharpening
boom run
pole climbing
hot saw
Bonus points if you can find Brady Carter, Jed, and Hunter:
If you look real hard you might see some of the gang in this one as well:
boom run2
Here are some pics of my day:
vacation 149
vacation 161
vacation 173
vacation 182
vacation 135
vacation 192
Sunset over Stansbury Island/Great Salt Lake:
vacation 206
The perfect end to a lovely day!


Zachary said...

Woo Hoo for season kick offs! I am pretty sure I found all the boys in the first picture...not so sure of the second. Hunter REALLY seemed excited:)

Have fun road tripping!

Smiley Family said...

There is nothing better than a good sunset! And it is usually hard to get a good pic, but of course your pic is beautiful!!

Becca said...

Too bad we missed out on all the fun (not the sun). Cute pics.

Jess said...

Looks like fun. I could never do anything like what they're doing in those pictures.