Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clearwater National Forest to Gillette Lake: 365 miles

The first day of our trip was pretty rainy. It rained all night, too. Day two was nice and dry so I figured we were safe that night. No such luck. We found our campground, which was a beautiful spot by a lovely lake, and pitched tent. We ate dinner, took a walk, and Hunter even ran "Old Yeller"...his (yellow) RC boat. Then we started getting ready for bed and guess what...raindrops! Fortunately, we were pretty much in the tent by this time. I'm nowhere near the die-hard outdoorsman that my hubby is, but there is something truly incredible about listening to raindrops on the tent.

Our campsite:
seattle 245
Gillette Lake:
seattle 250
Misty Mountains:
seattle 190
A random (but very cool) bridge:
seattle 174
seattle 178
Old Yeller in action:
seattle 274
At our first campsite, there were signs everywhere stating the water had been tested and was safe for consumption. I wondered about the reason for all the signs...until Hunter filled the water bottle:
seattle 136
Ya right! No, I most definitely did not drink the water.


Mark N. said...

I would hate to see the unsafe water

Monica said...

lol...yeah, I wouldn't drink that very safe water either. Glad you two are home safe and sound! :)

The Carter Family: said...

NASTY!!!! I would NEVER drink that "water!"

Zachary said...

I would totally drink it! But then again...I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to things put in my mouth.

Becca said...

Even if the water is safe, it's like eating green ketchup....not gonna happend. Some things are certain colors for a reason.
Your pics are so pretty. Too bad we couldn't visit. Let's reschedule!

All About M.E.('s) said...

That water is NASTY! YOur pictures are beautiful, as usual. Looking at your blog is like thumbing through a National Geographic-such nice shots.
Your alarm clock story made me laugh. My alarm always throws me off too.

ang said...