Monday, June 30, 2008

Cape Lookout to Crescent City: 310 miles

Our campground at Cape Lookout had showers, so when morning arrived I headed straight for this blessed moment. The shower itself was great, and boy was it nice to get cleaned up! However, I discovered afterwards that my clothes had managed to participate, and as a result they were quite wet. This did not make me a happy camper. There is nothing worse than starting out your day with something as dreadfully uncomfortable as sopping wet clothes. After returning to camp I tracked down some drier items, but the damage was done...I was not in the best of moods.

Fortunately, this changed as we continued our travels along the Pacific Coast Highway. The scenery is unreal.
We saw some signs for the Oregon Coast Aquarium and thought that sounded like a fun diversion, so we stopped to check it out. I couldn't help but think of Braxton and Ryker the whole time...they would have LOVED it! All the sharks, and jellyfish, and other creepy/icky sea life would have thrilled them. These pics are for them:
Ew! Yuck. Too many reasons to stay out of the water! Even though the water sure looks pretty...
We continued on to our campsite. This was the night we were supposed to camp at Jedediah Smith campground...but it was full. It was also Friday the 13th, so we shouldn't have been too surprised, lol! So we headed back to town to find ourselves a hotel. On our way back to town we captured this:
I'm pretty sure that was the heavens guiding us to our hotel room. Hunter wasn't quite as convinced. He was glad to have a happy wife, though! :)


Becca said...

That was an awesome pic, (the one guiding you to your hotel room.) I will show the boys these ocean pictures.....another reason to stick to swimming pools.

Smiley Family said...

WOW, that picture is gorgeous! It just isn't fair that you take such beautiful pics and then post them to make us all jealous of your grand adventures :)