Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Planes, Trains and...Boats?!

Last summer we discovered Oquirrh Lake at Daybreak. Hunter was happy to find a new place to sail his RC sailboat, and we had so much fun we ended up adding a couple of tugboats to the crew. I can't imagine a more relaxing, enjoyable way to spend an evening, so we were really looking forward to doing it again once the weather warmed up.

Well I'm happy to say we are back in business; we went to the lake twice over the weekend. It was lovely. Unfortunately, I don't have photos from our recent excursions...but I have plenty from last year's rendezvous. Enjoy.
daybreak 007
daybreak 020
daybreak 027
house 028
house 022
house 052 luma
house 060
house 074
daybreak 017 (2) no action
daybreak 020
daybreak 021
daybreak 030 (2)
daybreak 031 (2)


The Lund Five said...

Wow! That is beautiful and it looks pretty fun too. I haven't been to Daybreak for a couple years and it is pretty close to our place. I think we will have to go their a few times this summer!

Smiley Family said...

Oh Boy, I don't think I want Brian to see these pics! He'll want to start boating too!

Momma Mimi said...

Beautiful pictures! They are so postcardish!
Love, Mimi

Zachary said...

Now that looks like fun! Last year when we were in Colorado, we tied a fishing line on the back of an RC Boat and actually caught some fish. That's the only story I have for RC Boats.

rsheedy said...

That's pretty funny, Zach! People always ask us if we've ever done that. We haven't, but we've seen some fish following the tugboats around...maybe they think it's their long lost mama? Who knows!

Becca said...

So breathtaking.... oh wait, that's something you would say.
Looks like fun. Bring those down and we'll take them on the Minersville Resevoir.

Nathan and Esther said...

Did those swans or ducks or whatever they are ever try and eat the boats? Beautiful pics btw.