Sunday, May 11, 2008


So I saw this post a few weeks ago, and immediately called Becca. You see, Kazie is pretty much the biggest Dora the Explorer fan ever invented, and I'm not even kidding. Whenever I have taken Kazie to the store, she FREAKS OUT every time she sees a Dora product. You would not believe how many Dora products can be found between the cereal aisle and the checkout stand at Walmart...I swear there were at least 754 items before I lost count. These stinking marketing folks have obviously never been to a grocery store with a young child (fan). It pretty much guarantees at least one major meltdown ultimately costing no less than $10.00 per child. Poor Ruthie gets a double-dose with her twins, who are also major Dora fans. How do you mamas do it? I really have no idea...

Well anyway, I completely went off-topic. My point is that I saw these plans for a rockin' Dora birthday party, and knew it had to be done. You see, it's Kazie's birthday and she is THREE!!! Crazy. So I'm off to Minersville to join the fiesta. Messie and Maddie were super nice and decided to join me. Woohoo!

After a whirlwind of planning, preparation and pre-party panicking (how many p's can YOU fit into one sentence?), the guests began to arrive. I had big plans to tell you all about the cool setup, and how it played out just like an episode of the Dora show. The kids all wore backpacks, and had a mission to help the birthday girl find the fiesta tent. They had a map to follow (just like the real Dora) and they even had to tell Swiper, "Swiper no swiping!!!" I fully intended to provide all the wonderful, exciting and fun-filled details...including the tragic balloon incident...but have you looked at the time?! I am pooped and had every intention of going to bed early tonight. Ya, so much for that!

Anyhoo, I fear I'm becoming incoherent. So without further ado, I leave you with this:
kazie 081 copy
kazie 099 copy
kazie 112 copy
kazie 132 copy
I'll admit, I could not resist the crack shot:
kazie 140 copy
kazie 154 copy
kazie 148 copy
kazie 156 copy
kazie 160 copy
kazie 162 copy
kazie 175 copy
kazie 193 copy
There may or may not be more to come, depending on whether I manage to drag myself out of bed tomorrow. :)


The Carter Family: said...

Yeah! I love all the pictures-especially since we weren't here and couldn't see the decorations! It looked like all the party-goers had a GREAT time!!

Becca said...

That party rocked! Anyways I couldn't have pulled it off without the forces ie; Rachael, Esther, and of course GRANDMA. Thanks for all of your help.

Nathan and Esther said...

That party pretty much rocked! It was so much fun to be down there with everyone! Thanks Rachie for doing all of the driving! you rock!

p.s. I love your new blog look


Great pics!! Next time I will call you for the party planner!! It looked FUN and GREAT!!!

Zachary said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. The Crack Shot was hilarious.