Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Albrechts have a new toy:
It is the talk of the town, and the Albrechts have managed to win my husband's heart, along with several others. Hunter and Braxton took this buddy out for an adventure in the hills, and later Hunter took me to the same sites. It was awesome!

Brax & Hunter at the Lake of Death:
Sure, it looks lovely and innocent...but don't be fooled
Despite its serene appearance, this little pond is full of lead and other nasty stuff. That's why nothing is growing or living in it.
The infamous land of Minersville:
Minersville has it's name for a reason. The hills are peppered with old mines, just waiting to eat someone for breakfast. This is my worst fear, and the reason I can't sleep at night. Becca and Ruth have sworn they won't let their kids out of their sight...but I think they laughed at me afterwards. Here's my husband, on his way to a swift and untimely demise:
minersville 162
Eek. That one actually isn't so bad. This, however, is the stuff of nightmares:
I realize these photos do little to convey the terror that struck my heart when I first laid eyes on this evil shaft of death. It appears to be a passageway leading into the side of a mountain, but IT IS NOT! This, my friends, is an almost vertical tunnel into the depths of instant hell. I can barely stand to look at the pictures, for fear I might accidentally fall into it! I know, I know...I'm a nervous nellie. But dude, tell me this doesn't haunt you too? EEEK! Must. Look. Away.
This doesn't make me feel any better:
And...back to a happier topic!
I love this thing. It can go anywhere, gets 45-50 mpg, and it's just plain fun.
Hunter has a new buddy.
We would like to thank the Albrechts for sharing their new toy. It was a big hit. :)


Becca said...

Those are great pics and Braxton had a lot of fun with Hunter. You guys can take my kids anytime you want!

Zachary said...

Seems like everyone is enjoying that Chinese Masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

if you like that thing so much then why don't you marry it.

Nathan and Esther said...

Those mines look super scary! That little truck actually looks like when you put your toys cars in pictures that make them look life like.

Monica said...

Those pictures actually put fear into my heart. Scary.

Alright I'm putting the pics on tonight. Sorry for the delay! :)