Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little One

I made another baby gift for my friends; their baby is so cute, I just can't help myself! This is the same little guy who got the onesies a few weeks back. I used a template from Jessica Sprague's latest publication; she is an endless source of inspiration. I modified it a bit, using graphics from Nancy Kubo. I then printed the pages and adhered them to a chipboard album. Very quick and easy...if only all my projects were like this! Of course, it was already evening before I started working on it, so it was super late by the time I finished. Therefore, I have no pics of the final product. Oh well, these are close enough! :)
little one cover copy
little one pg1 copy
little one pg2 copy
little one pg3 copy
little one pg4 copy
little one pg5 copy
little one pg6 copy
little one pg7 copy
little one pg8 copy
little one pg9 copy
little one pg10 copy
Yay. I just love all the quotes...they kinda make me want to cry! LOL. On another note, sometimes I just crack myself up. For instance:
kazie copy
I'm pretty proud of that title. It makes me smile every time I see it. I made this with help from a tutorial by Cassie Jones, who is another source of endless inspiration. How do these women do it?

Last but not least, the photobook contest ends today! I hope to have exciting {?} news tomorrow...exciting for me, anyway!! Thanks to all of you guys and your awesome, wonderful, and kind support. Seriously, I owe you big time. Unless I don't win, then I'm off the kidding, of course!


Nathan and Esther said...

How precious! It is so pretty and beautiful. I love it! way to go. You are so talented.

Becca said...

The book was so cute. What a great idea. Also Kazie's page was cute. She finally quit wearing the swimming suit!

Zachary said...

Talent...pure talent.