Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Perfect Day

DSC05075 v3
If Hunter could do it all over again, he would be a pilot. He loves airplanes, gliders, helicopters, space shuttles, UFOs; you name it...if it flies, it fascinates. He has spent countless hours at the point of the mountain flying his various gliders and radio control planes. In fact, we both got a kick out of Grandma Lifferth's description of Grandpa Lifferth, as quoted by Tanna in her book Love, Mom. She said, "My girl friend and I found Henry Lifferth to be attractive, but I could see that he was more interested in building model airplanes than he was in girls." I'm not kidding when I say this same statement could apply to Hunter; he loves those airplanes!

So when Nathan told us he'd be flying to Ruby's Inn and offered to take Hunter with him, my husband was overjoyed. He thought it was too good to be true, and wouldn't allow himself to believe it would actually happen. When the moment of truth finally arrived, it was like Christmas...he was so stinking excited! It was super cute.
We picked up Uncle Richard on the way and met the Rigby's at the airport. The plane was gorgeous...so sleek and aerodynamic. Esther and I admired the craft, then said goodbye to our hubbies and headed south.

This is us, praying the beautiful plane delivers its precious cargo safely:
Esther and I left a good thirty minutes before the mavericks took off, and yet they arrived roughly two hours before we did! Can you imagine being able to fly whenever you wanted to go to southern Utah? My parents would get so sick of me! :)

Anyway, here are some of Hunter's sweet shots from the sky. What a view!

The illustrious pilot:

Ruby's Inn!!

Bryce Canyon Airport

The Greeting Committee

The Rigbys prepare for the journey home

A big HUGE thank you to the Rigbys, for making Hunter's dream come true. You guys totally rock. We love you!


Mark N. said...

I forgot my camera when I went up with Nathan, do you mind if I take your aerial shots and claim them as my own? No one is is them, who will know!

Nathan and Esther said...

Thanks rachie! We were glad to be able to add some fun of our own. I was happy that Hunter was actually able to go up with Nathan! what a fun time! You guys pretty much rock too!

The Lund Five said...

Wow! Those aerial shots are gorgeous. What a view! I don't know if I am brave enought to go up in a little plane like that, but I am glad that Hunter had fun.

Zachary said...

Those shots are amazing! That is so cool that Hunter was able to go with Nathan and Uncle Richard. So cool!

Monica said...

All of your pictures telling your story are beautiful. You and Hunter are amazing photographers. It looks like he had a great time

The Carter Family: said...

Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! It ALMOST made me want to go up in the air, and then I saw the airplane wing in one of the aerial shots and my stomach dropped just thinking about it, so I'm glad I didn't go and I'm glad you did and got great pictures for us to enjoy!!

All About M.E.('s) said...

That looks like a really nice plane. I've been up in a small plane a few times, but I was younger back then and much more about adventure. Now, I'm such a whimp when it comes to things like that. I don't know what happened-I know that it's probably safer than driving, but I don't know if I could be talked into it now? However, the pictures are absolutely beautiful!


I LOVE the pictures - especially the first one in black and white!!! It was fun - way to share the memories!!