Friday, March 28, 2008

More of the Good Stuff

Hunter and I returned from the Ruby's Inn Retreat last Monday, and we decided to take the scenic route home. We spent Sunday night in Henrieville, so instead of returning via I-15 or Hwy 89 we headed out on Hwy 12 thru Escalante, Boulder & Torrey. This drive is one of the most scenic drives in Utah, and bikers (the motorcycle kind) come from all over America to make this drive. We've done it a few times on the bike, but this was our first time in the car. Definitely less thrilling, although still gorgeous.

At one of our first stops, Hunter decided to bust out one of the RC buddies: the FJ Cruiser. This bad boy got just as much attention as the beautiful scenery; it was great! One chick even asked if she could take some photos, and proceeded to snap away. I felt like we were with a celebrity or Anyway, enjoy the pics. :)

The RC trucks after our Sunday walk:
retreat08 046

Hunter & FJ
retreat08 051
retreat08 053
retreat08 057
retreat08 059
retreat08 062
retreat08 067

Scenic Shots:
retreat08 048
retreat08 075
retreat08 079
retreat08 088
retreat08 090
retreat08 095
retreat08 100
retreat08 103
Now we're back in good ole SLC. Is it time for our next road trip yet?!


Zachary said...

I seriously love the FJ Cruiser pictures...especially where it looks so real.
Looks like an awesome road trip! I am going to have to drive it someday.


I still think you need Barbie and Ken standing next to the Cruiser!! From a distance it should still look real??!!! Great pics, that does look like a very scenic route!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, sarah...Ken and Barbie looking real from any distance? We could take a picture of me throwing them off the cliff. That would be cool.
Rachie: Those pics bring back memories. How would you like to be the Boulder school bus driver in the winter bringing the kids to escalante with a little ice and snow on the road! I still remember that guy from England? who maxed out his credit cards gambling in vegas and then tried to commit suicide by driving off the cliff in a rental car. Yeah, he lived.

Becca said...

Way cool pics. I have to laugh about Jed throwing Barbie off a cliff. Remember when he would hang our dolls upside down by their hair on the clothesline? It would make us soo mad. Seems he hasn't changed a bit!

Nathan and Esther said...

Those pics are great! It's a good thing Hunter didn't drive that little car off a cliff! I was getting nervous there for a second. I had to laugh at sarah and jed's funny!