Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Minersville Mania

We spent the weekend in Minersville. Braxton got baptized...I'd really like to know how he could possibly be EIGHT YEARS OLD already!!! It's blowing my mind. Ryker and Treyton had a wrestling tournament...I'd like to know how they are old enough to participate in that sort of thing? What is happening to the world around me?! These kids are growing like weeds! Help!

Well anyway, here's a few photos for your viewing pleasure. For more photos, please visit Becca's blog. And if you can't access her blog, drop me an email: rachaelsheedy at gmail.com. Woohoo.

braxton 014
Who cares if the top of his head is missing? At least you can see the medal! (This is Treyton, by the way...)
march 2008 068
Ryker is one tough dude.
march 2008 056
In case you were wondering, yes...Ryker is wearing his wrestling medal at the baptism. What a goof troop. march 2008 042
Kazie insisted on sharing the proud moment.
march 2008 059
What a cute family. :)

Behold the greatest miracle of all:
march 2008 050
This is, indeed, my husband...voluntarily holding a baby. And smiling at the same time!! AND we managed to capture evidence. Miracles never cease. :)


All About M.E.('s) said...

You are such a good Aunt-it seems like you make it to all of the big events of your nieces and nephews-even though there is usually traveling involved. So nice!! Sounds like a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a rare photo of your hubby. Maybe he is trying to tell you something!

Zachary said...

I agree with Mindy...I think that is awesome that you make it to all the niece and nephew events. Way to go!

The Carter Family: said...

Yeah, we think it is pretty awesome too that you were able to be here, even though you DID miss Treyton wrestling! However, you can redeem yourself-just be in Beaver on the 14th around 4 or 5!!

Nathan and Esther said...

yes, you pretty much rock and so does hunter.

Becca said...

Good thing you captured Hunter on camera...great for blackmail! Thanks for the fun weekend. You can bring me Dr. Pepper any time.

Becca said...

I forgot to add for clarification, that Ryker pulled his medal out for the dinner AFTER the baptism.