Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is gonna be an awesome week! Hunter's parents are coming to town, and we are looking forward to having them stay with us for a few days. They arrive tomorrow, and they'll stay with us until Friday, at which point they will head out to Roosevelt to stay with Hunter's brother and his family. It's been almost a year since we've seen them, so this is a big event! Hunter has cute parents. :)

So, as Mom & Dad Sheedy head to Roosevelt, Mama Johnson will be arriving with a few strays in tow. After all, it's time for the annual Lifferth German Dinner! My mama will be travelling with Becca and her kids, so the Sheedy house will be in chaos for a few days. But never fear...it's the good kind of chaos! Our house gets really bored with two boring computer dudes just hanging out all the time, and it loves the rambunctious joy of little buddies. So, it will be a welcome change.

Our schedule is pretty packed while the Albrechts are in town, with the culminating event being the German Dinner, of course. Sandy is absolutely giddy with anticipation...it seems she kinda likes her family and can't wait to see them! She's kinda cute that way. As for the rest of us, well...we kinda like the family too. So we're looking forward to seeing some of y'all this weekend.

After the German dinner, well, the fun doesn't stop there! Mr. & Mrs. Sheedy (aka, me & hunter) will rise early Sunday morning and travel to Roosevelt. We'll be joining up with Wayne (Hunter's bro) and his family, as well as Hunter's parents, for the blessing of Wayne's baby. This little sweetheart was born three days after Messie's daughter Madison was born, but she was about three months early. She was finally released from the hospital about a week before Christmas, so she got to spend her first Christmas at home. :) We were able to see her again last week, and she still looks like a newborn! So teeny tiny, and so precious. And you know what they named her? Sarah Ruth Cooper. I love it...that's a name I won't soon forget! With two of my sisters' names, she's bound to be my little buddy!

So as you can see, we've got lots of quality love coming our way this week. Kinda perfect considering it's the Valentine season, don't you think? :)


The Lund Five said...

That does sound like a fun filled week. I am really looking forward to the German Dinner. I guess we will see you there!

Zachary said...

Wow! You are going to have an action packed week! Good luck with all the chaos!

And as a late comment...good job on the RC Car! Those can be difficult!

When do we start doing reservations for Ruby's Inn? I have no doubt that it is going to be Off of the following:

This World!

Anonymous said...

you bums should come by once in a while.

The Carter Family: said...

That does sound like a fun-filled week, the only way it would be more fun were if WE were up there too. Oh, well!! And Zach, reservations can be made anytime-just tell my mom, she's in charge!!

rsheedy said...

Hey, I've already got Zach all taken care of. :) I can't WAIT for the retreat...it's gonna rock.

Nathan and Esther said...

I'm so excited for the german dinner! yay! Rachie are you gonna need a few days to recover from all the hullabaloo?

Becca said...

You better start hiding the RC toy's! Can't wait to see you. Kazie has her pony sleeping bag already packed.