Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Time

What a wonderful weekend! We've had so much fun spending time with our cool family. Here are a few of the highlights:

The Cooper family, with Mom & Dad Sheedy:
prez weekend 08 074

Bob & Evelyn with baby Sarah:
prez weekend 08 067

Sadie, Ryker & Ayden at the German Dinner:
prez weekend 08 053

Blurry Maddie...I know she's not in focus, but I couldn't resist the smile!
prez weekend 08 030

Ayden enjoys the German cuisine:
prez weekend 08 024

Cowgirl Kazie...a bit under the weather, poor thing!
prez weekend 08 022

Another fave that also happens to be unfocused, but this time it's probably a good thing:
prez weekend 08 018

I spotted this good-looking guy at one of the tables:
prez weekend 08 013

And the sweetest picture award goes to:
prez weekend 08 010

I would like to thank all the participants for a wonderful, fun-filled weekend of joy and craziness. We eagerly anticipate the sequel. :)


The Lund Five said...

Very cute pictures. The German dinner was sure a lot of fun. I always look forward to it.


Great pics!! It was fun to get together!!

Nathan and Esther said...

It was fun to get together and those are great pics! I love the color of your blog, very irish of you.

rsheedy said...

Yup, I married an Irishman! My German ancestors are rolling over in their graves...

The Carter Family: said...

I love all the pictures-too bad we missed out!

Zachary said...

Awesome pictures! Even if you haven't figured out how to focus them!

Becca said...

Good thing I wasn't picking my nose in your sweetest picture!