Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to My Life...

Last year after Hunter and I returned from our first trip to Ruidoso, I decided to start documenting our road trips by making a photo book for each one. Unfortunately, I was already about 5 books behind. I had made some photo books using pics from our rides, but nothing that included journaling or a true account of the journey. So. Let's see, that was in forward to January and guess what, I had three pages done. Thing is, we took another epic road trip in September, and then Essie had her baby and we had family in town all the time and I just couldn't find the time to work on it! I know, excuses excuses. Well, Monica has inspired me, and I'm determined to finish this book once and for all. Here are the pages I have finished so far (including the three I already had done):
pg1 copy
credits: template freebie by Kellie Mize; pp by Meredith Fenwick; fonts Susie's Hand, Orange & BlackJack.
pg2 copy
credits: template freebie by Kellie Mize; pp by Nancie Rowe Janitz; swirls by Ida; fonts Susie's Hand, Orange & CK Typewriter.
pg3 copy
credits: template by Shandy Vogt; pp & photo frames by Nancie Rowe Janitz; overlay by Anna Aspnes; fonts Susie's Hand, Edwardian Script, & Segoe UI.
pg4 copy
credits: paper by Amy Wolff & Amy Martin; photo frame, stitching & watercolor brush by Katie Pertiet, flower by Mindy Terasawa; word art by Ronna Farrer.
pg5 copy
credits: template by Kellie Mize; paper by Iara Gomes-Baer (, but I can't find it anymore); paper by Amy Wolff & Amy Martin; fonts Susie's Hand, Orange & BlackJack.
pg6 copy
credits: template by Kellie Mize; paper by Michelle Coleman; paper by Gina Cabrera; fonts Susie's Hand, & Orange .
pg7 copy
credits: template by Kellie Mize; paper by Michelle Coleman; paper by Gina Cabrera; fonts Susie's Hand, & Orange .
pg8 copy
credits: template by Two Sisters Designs (part of InVogue collab kit/no longer available); papers by Mindy Terasawa; font Orange.
pg9 copy
credits: template by Kellie Mize; papers by Mindy Terasawa; font Susie's Hand.
pg10 copy
credits: template by Kellie Mize; background pp, accent pp by Katie Pertiet; fonts Susie's Hand, & Orange .

So, I've done about seven pages this week. You have no idea what an accomplishment this is for takes me hours to do one page. I'm not even kidding, I'll spend two hours trying to decide on the perfect font. If I'm trying to recreate a cute layout I saw in a magazine, it could take several days as I try to track down the exact supplies. It's ridiculous; I get way too caught up in the details. And before you start thinking I know what I'm doing, I need to tell's all about the templates. I absolutely cannot design a page myself, so I rely very heavily on templates. Especially the templates by Kellie Mize at I love her templates.

I love the digital realm because I screw stuff up way too often. The problem with traditional scrapbooking is that there is no undo button! When you cut your paper too short, you're screwed. If you have crappy handwriting, there is no hope. And it's too bad because I love the look of traditional scrapbooking. So, I think I've found a happy medium. There is some stuff that I do completely in, any kind of album. It is so much easier for me to make digital pages and have Shutterfly print it for me. I'm all about easy. However, I love to make mini-books, and for those I tend to use a hybrid method. I may design the page backgrounds in photoshop & print them out, then adhere them to chipboard pages. I love the dimension the traditional scrapbook elements add to the books; it makes them so much more fun to look at and hold.

So anyway, this is pretty much what I do all day. I go to work, where I spend the entire day looking at a computer, and then I come home and do the exact same thing. The only difference is the stuff on the screen! Poor Hunter, he sure married a nerd.


All About M.E.('s) said...

I like the idea of digital scrapbooking more than traditional too. I like the look of traditional scrapbooking, but honestly, your digital pages are just as good, if not better. Do you use a certain software program? I did a book through Shutterfly, but I used all of their templates and they are pretty boring. I didn't realize that you could do your own and then have them print them out. My book, of course, was nowhere near your caliber-yours looks FANTASTIC. Maybe in about ten years, I'll be where you are now? One can hope....

rsheedy said...

Mindy, you are SO NICE! You just made my day.

I'm a computer geek so I LOVE messing around with software and stuff. I started out using Adobe Photoshop Elements, and now I use the full-blown Photoshop program. I would love to show you the ropes, if you're interested. I'm always happy to spread the addiction! :)

The Carter Family: said...

I will just keep on sending my pictures and letting you do all the work!!! I wouldn't mind learning how to do it-but I don't have time to have more computer addictions!! Those pages look FANTASTIC!!!!

Nathan and Esther said...

You do awesome digi pages. I'm not sure I have the patience or the eye stamina to do digital scrapbooking. It would be nice to have an undo button for traditional scrapbooking, oh well. I still like to use the traditional stuff, cus I don't have your talent or eye for digi scrapbooking. Kudos on your pages you got done!!!

Zachary said...

Item #63 in looking for a wife: Must enjoy scrapbooking...because I sure don't get it.

rsheedy said...

Actually Zach, I think you do! It's basically the same thing as blogging...documenting your life and the significant (or insignificant) events therein. It's just that we chicks tend to make it frou-frou-y, which is what scares the guys off. We do that on purpose, of course.

Savannah Brentnall said...

These pages are gorgeous! Do you have credit info for the kits you used? I love the papers and I'd love to know who they're by.

rsheedy said...

I just added the credits; hope this helps!

Monica said...

Good for you! 7 in 1 week! They are beautiful. I too love digital but not very technical. I also love cutting, glueing, and holding the finished product in my hands. I want to see more. :)