Sunday, January 20, 2008

Escape Hatch

Yay for holiday weekends! Hunter and I don't have to work on Monday, so we got the heck out of dodge. We headed for the happiest destination ever: Henrieville! Clean air, no traffic and plenty of trails. Oh, and Sandy & Gary, of course! I have the cutest parents.

We took the trucks out four-wheeling in true back-country style. Which, of course, involved tons of mud! Check it out:
lifty2 002
lifty2 004
lifty 020
lifty 010
lifty 001

The scenery is so gorgeous here. Just in case you don't believe's some proof:
lifty2 001
lifty 016
lifty 009
It's been the perfect weekend, because the weather has been so nice. It's actually warm enough to play outside! Or at least, it was earlier today...and yesterday. I love it. Now, why can't we do this for a living??


ang said...

maybe you guys should move to henrieville. i'm sure you could get a job at ruby's inn...

The Lund Five said...

That does look gorgeous! I am looking forward to going to Henrieville in March.

The Carter Family: said...

It looks like it was the perfect weather weekend! And I'm sure it was nice relaxing in Henrieville-especially because there were no noisy kids!

Nathan and Esther said...

You could totally do that full time...just move in with mom and dad...I'm sure they won't mind!

Anonymous said...

blue skies!

Zachary said...

I love your pictures! And those are some really good ones! Glad you got away!

Gretch said...

Those pictures are awesome! What a great hobby to have. And yes it would be great to have that as your job. Glad you guys were able to go to Henrieville, it is a great place to visit!