Saturday, January 5, 2008

Calendar Conundrum

So, the comments on my last post have prompted a follow-up post. I mentioned the cool deal Qoop had on their poster-sized calendar, but unfortunately it looks like they are no longer on sale. The price isn't bad though, in my opinion. The Shutterfly and Kodak Gallery calendars are $20 for 8.5 x 11" calendars, and they aren't printed on linen paper. So, to get the larger sized calendar for only $5 more...can't complain about that!

Anyhoo, you'd think that would be all I have to say about calendars...but it isn't. I have a bit of a dilemma that I have yet to resolve, so I'm hoping someone has an idea or suggestion for me! A year ago, I decided to make a calendar for my mama using my digi-scrap supplies, and print it at kinko's or something. Well, that turned out to be really expensive! I took the digital files to kinko's to have them printed & bound, and discovered it would be over $70 for two calendars! I can't remember the exact price, but it seemed awfully steep. I ended up printing the pages for my mom's calendar at home...which didn't really save any money b/c I used an entire color cartridge which costs $30 by itself. Ugh. So...I printed my calendar at work, ha ha! I still ended up taking them to Kinko's to be bound. And it bugs me cuz of course the pages aren't double-sided like they would have been if I had ordered a Shutterfly calendar.

So, why don't I use the Shutterfly services, and stop whining about it? Well, just for fun, take a look at some of my pages. They're nothing special, but they might give you an idea why I don't want to use the various websites' templates:
jan photos
january grid
feb photos
feb grid
march photos
march grid
april photos
april grid
may photos
may grid
Anyway, you get the idea. Notice how the calendar grid matches the photo page? Ya, turns out I can't find anyone who will print the calendar and allow me to use my own date pages. I emailed the customer service dept at both Shutterfly & Kodak, thinking they might be willing to work with me, but that was a bust. I then proceeded to scour the internet, checking every site that offered calendar services to see if I could customize the grid page. I discovered there are a lot of websites that offer calendar services...but they all have preset date pages. Every last one of them! It makes no sense to me. Surely there are other people in the same situation, who have designed their own calendars, want full control of their date pages, and need to have these calendars printed?! (And don't want to use a printing service because the calendar pages won't be double-sided...).

So, unless someone has the answer of joy and wonderfulness, I'll probably end up printing them myself again. Most likely at work...lolol. Then I'll probably mount the pages on cardstock to sort of 'deal with' the single sided photo paper issue.

Whew. Who knew a calendar could cause so much hullabaloo? LOL. Unfortunately, when you are a geek and your entire life revolves around your job, your husband and your projects (most of which involve the computer), there really isn't much hope. But hey, it works for least, most of the time!


The Carter Family: said...

Yeah, that stinks that you can't ANYBODY to do it for you. Maybe you should launch a website calendar business and do it yourself!! BTW, I LOVE the calendar! Super cute!

Nathan and Esther said...

wow, I'm tired now. Looks like you are on your own for this one! I'm so not helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess another option is to email it to me and I print my own calendar. Yes, we LOVE your creativity but don't want you to go to so much expense!

Your Mother

Nathan and Esther said...

p.s. I think you need some pics of your favorite neice...Madison!

rsheedy said...

This is the calendar I made a year ago. It's about to expire, so I need to make a new one. The new one will DEFINITELY have pics of sweet Maddie! :)

Zachary said...

Well I say stick it to the Man...(The Man being other printing services). Your own printer will do just fine. Maybe you SHOULD start your own printing business.

Bill said...

OK we'll add that to list - email hugh at with a copy of your post (so we get your email...) and we will give you a free calendar when this is done and he will add you to the beta list. Thank you for the mention (and direct through the 20% sale is still running in January 2008 at least) - Bill (QOOP CEO)