Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tidings of Joy...or Something to That Effect...

Somehow, the Johnson family ended up with some crazy tradition where I write the Christmas newsletter every year. Sometimes it's a royal pain in the @^%&*, like last year when I was trying to write from the beaches of sunny Florida and had difficulty concentrating. I'm always relieved when it's finished, because it's not easy transforming our mundane, routine lives into something worth reading...it's harder than it looks! LOL. Anyway, now it just sounds like I'm fishing for compliments, which I'm most definitely not trying to do. I'm just trying to share the fruits of my labors with those of you who may not receive a copy in the mail. So, enjoy or don't enjoy...I don't care, as long as you read it! LOLOL!

Greetings, dear friends and family! It’s the magical time of year when we scramble to get everything (including those darned annual newsletters) done in time. As tradition requires, we now present you with a glamorized, censored, and only slightly-embellished tale of our exciting and adventuresome lives.

Esther & Nathan Rigby: It’s true that Esther is the youngest Johnson sibling, and most of us remember life before her existence. It’s also true that Esther recently became a mother…is anyone else feeling their age right about now? The Rigbys were thrilled to welcome little Madison Marie on September 14th. She is a sweet, mellow little darling who also has a fiesty side. Apparently she takes after her mother!

Sarah & Brady Bradshaw: The Bradshaws worked hard to ensure Sandy’s happiness this year. They started by adding another bouncing baby boy, Reagan, to the growing clan. And if that weren’t enough, Brady used his charm (and mad anethesia skills) to claim a coveted job opening at Tooele Valley Hospital, and the Bradshaws left Texas without so much as a backward glance. Sandy is on cloud nine to have all of her grandchildren back in Utah, and the rest of us are pretty happy to have them here too.

Ruth & Brady Carter: Ruth and Brady have had their hands full this year. It all started when Kenzie tried to fall off the swingset in style and ended up breaking her arm in the process. She made the most of her situation, however, when she realized the cast made a pretty good weapon against her siblings! They, in turn, learned to give her a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and everyone survived the ordeal. Kasia is a sweet little mama’s girl who loves to take care of her own babies, and Treyton is turning into quite the charmer. The other day when Ruth dropped him off at preschool, she kissed him on the cheek and he proceeded to rub it off. However, he quickly redeemed himself by telling her, “I rubbed off your kiss, but I still love you!"

Rebecca & Jed Albrecht: Our friendly little Albrecht family is growing up! Braxton started second grade and he’s breezing right through it, thanks to his Johnson genes. He’s reading really well for his age, and he’s decided to take on the Harry Potter series. Now that’s what I call ambition! Ryker started kindergarten, and while he is also doing well academically, he definitely prefers being outdoors. One day when Becca was trying to encourage him to do his homework, he demanded to know who invented school. I’m not sure what grand scheme he had in mind, but you can bet it was creative. And then there’s Kazie, who is two-years-old going on twenty-two. One day when Jed was scolding her she told him, “Don’t you talk to me like that!” Jed was actually rendered speechless for a moment! Becca referred to her (Kazie) as “Hell on wheels”…to which Kazie replied, “I’m telling Santa!” I think we have another case of daughter taking after mother on our hands.

Jed & Rosana: Rosana started working on her master’s degree, and Jed is also in school working toward his bachelor’s degree. They both work full-time and still manage to balance school and family quite well.

Rachael & Hunter Sheedy: I’m happy to report that we’ve been married for a year and he still likes me! We’ve had a fun year of road trips and scenic vacations, along with some awesome family get-togethers. We are both still working at Eagle Gate College and trying to make the most of our fleeting moments away from the office.

Gary & Sandy: Gary celebrated a significant milestone this summer: 40 years ago he was baptized into the LDS church. He and Sandy were able to get together with Gary’s good friend Jim Crisp and his wife, and celebrate. The reunion took place at Zion National Park, where Gary and Jim both worked as park rangers at the time. They had a wonderful time sightseeing, hiking, and reminiscing.

As for the whirlwind of productivity called “Sandy”, she is still running circles around the energizer bunny. She just finished her first online course at BYU-Idaho and is now working on her second. Her competitive gene has been nagging at her, and she has determined that if all her children can earn college degrees, she can too! We’ve tried to tell her that being our mama qualifies her for all kinds of degrees, mainly psychology, but she won’t rest until she has the diploma to prove it. That’s our Sandy!

We love you all, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Johnson Family

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Awesome job! Someday I hope to write as well as you do.