Sunday, November 4, 2007


Henrieville is so pretty. I appreciate it even more each time I visit! The first time I took Hunter to Henrieville, he fell in love. With Henrieville, not with me! LOL. Because he was already in love with me, that is. At least, that's my version of the story. So anyway, Hunter and I were getting sick of the nasty SLC air so as soon as the weekend came around we beelined it to southern Utah. Heavenly Henrieville, here we come!

My papa had the sole responsibility of playing host, because my mama spent the weekend with her mama. So Hunter, Gary and I had a nice, relaxing, peaceful weekend. Of course, being in the fresh, clean and pure countryside air meant we were obligated to spend time outdoors. So we did.

It's kinda interesting...we used to live in Kodachrome Basin, which is a state park about 13 miles from Henrieville. By road, that is. Kodachrome itself is actually just a couple of miles south of Henrieville. Like so:
Of course, Kodachrome is a basin...which means if you try to walk there from Henrieville, you'd have to climb down a big, steep mountain. There is actually a trail down the side of the mountain...the local farmers used to move their cattle into the basin every year. But that trail is basically a road to sudden and instant's virtually impassable anymore. There was a time when it was in much better shape, and my dad actually hiked it. I think Jed, and possibly Becca, went with him. No way in $*&!#@ would you get me down that thing. However, we did hike to the rim, and we took our friendly little RC trucks with us. Here's the evidence:
I thought for sure this was going to be our last picture EVER:
Does anyone else get nervous just looking at that pic? Eeek. Well anyway, I'm happy to report that there were no sudden plunges off the side of the cliff--thank goodness! And we had a great time relaxing in Henrieville. It's the perfect getaway!


The Carter Family: said...

Those were really pretty pictures! I have never hiked that trail but I remember when everybody else did and it sounded like fun!

Smiley Family said...

I am jealous! Sounds like a great trip. If I weren't nine months pregnant, I would love a weekend getaway!


Why didn't you take us with you??!! It looks like Dad had fun w/the RC toys - great idea!! Those were also beautiful pics of Henrieville - now who can argue it's not Heavenly??!!

All About M.E.('s) said...

I'm ready for a vacation or at least a weekend getaway. It must have been nice to get out and spend some time in the sunny outdoors. It's the perfect time of year for that-not too hot and not too cold! We want you to take us with you next time too!

ang said...

oh just looking at those pictures is totally making my rumpus hurt too...

Zachary said...

I love your dad! Those pictures are awesome. Henrieville rocks!

Nathan and Esther said...

I hiked that trail and it IS the trail of death. That descent into Kodachrome is awful, the trail is only like 6 inches wide. Those pictures of poppy are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Who's that homeless guy in the pictures and why are you letting him play with the RC cars?

Anyway, yeah back in the day (1994) I worked on that trail. (kodachrome side) It was a lost cause though, due to the constant erosion.

Also I agree, the air sucks bad up here. I think I am going to get coal miner's lung before too long if I don't get away once in a while.