Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Return to Ruidoso

After two days of driving, we finally arrived at our Thanksgiving destination: Ruidoso. The first thing we did was unload the car. The second thing? Well, see for yourselves:
The last time we were here, we came on the we had no room for anything, let alone our RC buddies. Hunter was pretty excited to get out of the car, stretch his legs, and put his truck to the test. The truck was also happy to get out of the car and stretch its 'legs'.

We are looking forward to spending a few days of joy and Thanksgiving with Hunter's sisters and their families. The best part of the holiday season is being able to spend time with family. The other best part is that we both have cool families, so we don't have to pretend to enjoy being with them...we actually do enjoy it. Three cheers for being related to cool people! Yay.


Nathan and Esther said...

It took you 2 days to get there? I knew hunter drove slow, but c'mon! ha ha just kidding. I'm glad you got there safe and it looks like you are having fun!

Anonymous said...

looks like fun!

Cherish said...

Hooray! How did you get soo lucky to have cool families? good for you!
looks like fun. where exactly is ruidoso? nm I will google it :)