Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prolonging the Good-ness

We were supposed to go back to Utah today, but last night the weather looked like this:
ruidoso 001
We were gonna go to Moab, and then to Henrieville for a few days before returning home. However, Hunter made a call and fortunately, he was able to change our reservation. We get to stay in Ruidoso another day! It's a good thing, because when we got up this morning it looked like this:
ruidoso 053
Naturally, the cold was no deterrent for the husband included. They had all kinds of fun outside, in the freezing cold!
ruidoso 057
ruidoso 059
ruidoso 061
ruidoso 067
Of course, Hunter came prepared with his new snow toy:
ruidoso 071
ruidoso 079
ruidoso 078
Despite the freezing temperatures, I have to admire the beauty of the snow. Overnight, Ruidoso has transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Secluded in these forested mountains, nestled in snow and fog, relaxing and spending time with loved ones...I could live here forever. My worries, stresses and woes seem so distant and irrelevant, as if they no longer apply. I wish this perfect day would never end!


The Carter Family: said...

Brrr! That looks COLD! I HATE being COLD!!! It is super cold here and I wish it would just snow so at least it is cold for a reason! I'm glad you're having fun and drive back safely!! See you next weekend!

Smiley Family said...

What fun!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snow. I wish it would snow like that here! Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving. How fun to get away.

Nathan and Esther said...

wow, I wish we had snow here!