Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

late nov. 012
Another weekend, another walk in the park. Or the woods, mountains, or wherever Hunter manages to relocate me. This time it was Little Cottonwood Canyon, on a mountain-biking trail of death. Fortunately, we were not on mountain bikes. Our little RC buddies had to do all the work...that's the way I like it! No sweat and tears for Rachie; I'll have none of that!
late nov. 005
I'll have you know, we do not cheat when we take these photos. Our trucks are fully capable of crossing virtually any terrain, and believe me we put them to the test! I will admit that from time-to-time my foot may 'accidentally' assist my vehicle when he's in a tough spot. But don't tell Hunter, because he doesn't stoop to such levels. He insists on genuine, scalable performance, and he actually accomplishes this feat! However, it seems that my poor vehicle has a less-than-skilled driver, so occasionally I am forced to resort to drastic measures.

Here's another amazing photo-op...check out the detail on this bad boy! Doesn't it make you want to hop into the cab and take it for a spin in the hills? Ya, me
late nov. 006
While I'm setting the record straight, I may as well admit one other thing. I can't take credit for all the gorgeous photos on this blog, and in my flickr account. Hunter is the photographer in the family. Most of the sweet shots are his. So, I must relinquish all my newfound fame and glory to its proper source: my husband. He is the genius behind the of the many reasons I still keep him around! :)


The Carter Family: said...

It's about time you quit hogging all the credit!!!

Nathan and Esther said...

I knew you were a fraud! haha just kidding. I've seen you take some great pics, so that is not completely true. Your hubby does take some great pictures.