Monday, October 15, 2007

A Million Bucks

I spent the weekend in Minersville, with my sweet little buddies. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this weekend:

"Mom, can Rach live with us forever?" -Braxton, 7 yrs

"You're so pretty" -Treyton, 4 yrs

"Let's snuggle." -Ryker, 6 yrs

"I want to go to your house with you!" -Kazie, 2 yrs

"Waaaaaaaaah!" -Kenzie, 2 yrs, when I left

"Smile" - Madison, 1 month

Okay, so Madison didn't actually SAY that...but she did smile! At me! Her very first smile...her mama even said so! YAY! Could I be any more flattered?! These kids really know how to make an aunt feel like a million bucks! I sure love them. :)


Nathan and Esther said...

you rock for getting Madison to smile!

kaparowitzzz said...

Becca: please leave rachael.

:] Just kidding