Thursday, October 4, 2007


Is she not the cutest little thing?! This is Kazie, my sister Becca's daughter. She is a spunky, sassy sweetheart, and I love her to death. She was supposed to come visit me this weekend, but it's supposed to be stormy so Becca doesn't want to travel...which is completely understandable.

I checked my voicemail today and heard a little Kazie voice, "Come get me"! It was the cutest thing EVER. So I called her back and she said it again, "Come get me, Rachie"! I may have to do just that.


Smiley Family said...

You are such a good aunt!

The Carter Family: said...

Yeah, she always calls me and asks if she can "come and play at my house!" And lately, whenever she comes and plays, all the girls get along really good. Of course, they are usually all doing their own thing and not interacting with each other-but I won't complain!

All About M.E.('s) said...

She is such a cute girl! And, I agree with Jamie, all of your nieces and nephews are lucky to have such a fun aunt!

kaparowitzzzzz said...

Una hermosa artista ;)