Friday, September 28, 2007

When the Carters Came to Town

The Carters made the trek to the big city to meet Essie's new addition, and they stayed with us. Yay, cute buddies! Ruth's son Treyton is such a character; he never ceases to entertain me. And the twins are simply adorable. So when they invited us to go to the zoo with them, we couldn't resist.

Hunter and I were able to bail out of work a bit early on Wednesday, and we met up with the Carters at Hogle Zoo. Sarah also joined us with her three kids, and we began our fun adventure.

Last week I had talked to Treyton, and I told him about "
the Ghost of the Bayou." After confirming with his mom that Aunt Rach was telling the truth, he decided the White Alligator was gonna be pretty awesome. He was eager to check it out, and to be honest so was I. Turns out, this white alligater is pretty strange-looking. This guy is not albino, but has a different genetic disorder that is quite rare. Apparently there are only 10 white alligators in the entire world! Anyway, even though the odd animal didn't move an inch the entire time we were there, it was still pretty amazing to see. Afterward, I could not resist the cute little white alligators in the gift shop so I had to get one for Treyton. This kid just loves animals, and he was SO EXCITED when I presented him with his gift. It made my day!

Here's the cute kids; they fit right in with the rest of the animals on display, don't they?!
zoo 068
While visiting the giraffes, Kasia and I stayed on the upper level to watch them eat while everyone else returned to the main level. After a few minutes, we also went back down to the main level. As we were climbing down the stairs, Kasia caught sight of her twin and exclaimed happily, "KENZIE!!" At almost the same time, Kenzie noticed Kasia approaching and called out "KASIA!!" It was pretty cute. I told Ruth & Brady about it, and they said the twins do this all the time. Apparently they can be in a store, and be separated for just a moment, and as soon as they see each other they call their sister's name as if they had been separated for days! What a bunch of goof troops. I think I'll keep them. :)

Anyway, I'll wrap up this story with some more fun zoo pics. Enjoy.
zoo 050
zoo 083
zoo 057
zoo 066
zoo 082 no rach
zoo 063


Smiley Family said...

I took a picture of my neices and nephews on that same tiger last year! It must be a pretty popular pic spot.

Smiley Family said...

P.S. What kind of camera do you have?