Monday, September 17, 2007

To Clarify...

...we still love motorcycles! We haven't given up on them. We just don't think the V-Strom is the best bike for long journeys, especially riding two-up. Hunter still plans to ride with his buddies on occasional day-trippers, and someday we will own a more comfortable two-wheeled touring machine. Actually, we hope to own two! If I get really brave, I will take the motorcycle class and be a cool biker chick. Without all the crazy Harley leathers and cigarette butts, though. I'll be a normal biker chick, not a scary hard-core trailer-park Harley chick. Yikes!

Oh, and one more thing. I forgot to mention that while we were at Mesa Verde, we made a friend. He tried to follow us home. Isn't this guy cute?
Okay, he's not so cute. In fact he's yucky and mangy and I'm scared of him. But, have you ever seen a coyote this up-close and personal? It's crazy! He should be running for his life! This is definitely atypical coyote behavior. So we had no choice but to obtain photographic evidence.

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ang said...

eeeew! i'm scared too!!!