Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Next Stop: Georgetown

Day three of our road trip involved a lot of driving. We checked out of our hotel in Durango and hit the road. A short while later we arrived in Silverton. We were blown away by how much the leaves had changed overnight! We thought it was beautiful yesterday, but it was even more gorgeous on Saturday.day 3 033
What an incredible, breathtaking drive. Here are some more highlights:
day 3 061

day 3 058

Check out the cute town of Ouray:
day 3 048
As we travelled through the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado, we saw evidence of coal mines everywhere. It's unbelievable how many there are! We happened upon a coal train that had just been loaded up, in the process of leaving town. This baby was over a mile long! We stopped to watch the proceedings, and Hunter chatted with the brakeman for a brief minute. Before Hunter introduced me to the allure of the train industry, I never would have guessed...train employees are kinda like rock stars! Train fans are passionate fellows, evidenced by their frequent activities & events such as modelling, clubs, and train shows. And of course, what little boy doesn't love a good choo-choo? This shared admiration causes grown men and children alike to tremble with excitement when a train engineer waves back, and brings tears to their eyes when he toots the whistle just for them. In fact, simply being a passenger on the Durango & Silverton made me feel a bit like a celebrity. Every time we passed a road crossing, people were there waiting to take our picture. One guy even chased the train as far as he could, racing ahead to each crossing and then waiting for our arrival. Can you imagine experiencing that kind of popularity every day? I think I would actually look forward to going to work!

We continued onward, and our journey took us through the Eisenhower Tunnel. Actually, the Eisenhower Tunnel is the westbound lane, while the eastbound is the Johnson Tunnel. This was cool because I saw the Modern Marvels episode about the construction of these tunnels. I know, I know...I'm a nerd. Whatever, I still think it was super cool!
day 3 101
So, we arrived in Georgetown and decided to check out the train station. Yup, we're taking another train ride! But that's for another post. Here's a preview of coming attractions:
day 3 117

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