Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madison Marie Rigby

Wouldn't you know, my brand new niece decided to make her debut as soon as I left town! I am absolutely dying...she is now three days old and I still haven't met her! It was my worst fear when we planned this vacation, and of course 'ole Murphy had to do his thing.

I distinctly remember a day in 1983 when my siblings and I were gathered in the family room in the basement. My mom announced that she had a surprise for us, and it seems that I was only halfway paying attention. I think we were supposed to guess what she was going to tell us, but nobody did so she gave us a hint. She made a rocking motion with her arms, as if she were cradling a baby, and I realized I'd be getting another sibling! I was kinda excited, because I loved babies and wanted to help her take care of it. I would be nine years old by the time my new sister arrived, and I fully believed I could raise her! I had been babysitting and caring for my younger siblings for what felt like years, and thought I had it down. It absolutely blows my mind to remember that adamant determination. I thought I was all grown up...and I was only NINE! Wow.

And now, 24 years later, that sweet youngest sister of mine has a beautiful daughter of her own! I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. My little sister, whom I used to feed and burp and rock to sleep, is now a mama. It just doesn't seem possible. And yet at the same time I am overwhelmed with pride, joy, and hope for her future. My baby sister is all grown up. Congratulations, Madison! You have some pretty awesome parents. I've heard you have some pretty cool Aunts, as well. :)

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ang said...

and this post made me want to cry! congratulations messie!! madison's a lucky girl to have you for an aunt, rach!! (so many exclamation marks!)