Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hidden Treasure

Hunter and I took a lovely Sunday drive through American Fork Canyon. The leaves are changing and the views were simply breathtaking! While there, we went to Cascade Springs...what an amazing place! It's all innocent and obscure; you'd never know it exists except for the signs that tell you it does. Hunter couldn't believe I'd never been, so he was excited to show me. I pictured a big, vast waterfall; no idea where that image came from. As it turns out, Cascade Springs is exactly as it sounds...little bubbling springs that cascade gently down the mountainside. It's crazy; the water just bubbles up in the middle of a meadow, seemingly from nowhere, and dances its way to the bottom. It is crisp, clean and crystal clear...definitely not typical Utah water! I think the last time I saw water that clear was in Montana! Anyway, it was amazing and I definitely recommend a visit.

So we took a bunch of photos (as always) and I really wanted to share them all. So I figured the best way to do this was to put it into a slideshow. :) If you look at the bottom left of the slideshow, you'll see controls that allow you to speed up/slow down or pause the slides. Also, I added a quick-link to my Flickr site in the sidebar, so you can always go there and browse our thousands of photos to your heart's content. And if you have tortoise-paced internet, well you'll just have to come visit and we can show them to you in person! Yay!

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Smiley Family said...

Once again, your photos are beautiful. I also have not ever been to cascade springs, but after looking at your pics I really want to go!