Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day Four: The Georgetown Loop

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping this blog up-to-date. Day four of our trip was last Sunday...I should have posted this a week ago! Anyway, we stayed the night in Georgetown and then rode the Georgetown Loop the next morning. The Georgetown Loop is a short ride between Georgetown and Silver Plume, with an optional mine tour along the way. We opted for the mine tour, of course! This was another gorgeous, scenic, picture-perfect day. Here's the proof:
So, up to this point we have stayed in a hotel every night. Not the most luxurious of accommodations, mind you, but we had a roof over our heads. Well, that was coming to an end, as we brought our camping gear and planned to rough it for the final two nights. As the day wore on, the sky clouded up and the temperature began to drop. I was getting nervous. Nonetheless, we continued on toward Rocky Mountain National Park where we would be pitching tent. As we drew closer, we passed this gorgeous lake and couldn't resist the chance to snap a few shots:
Hunter showed off his rock-skipping skills, and if you look closely you can see he got at least five skips:
The sun started setting and the view was breathtaking:
Is anyone else a bit nervous that I might freeze to death tonight?

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Smiley Family said...

Thanks for the link to your blog. Your pics are beautiful! What an amazing trip. And I didn't even know that Esther & Nathan had had their baby, what a doll! I will definitely be checking your site again soon:)