Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day by Day

I've received a few, shall we say, "complaints" that there are too many pictures on Flickr and it takes too long to weed through them. To be fair, these certain individuals have an internet connection that is slower than molasses in December...painfully I guess I can be a little bit sympathetic to their plight. Although, if I were them I would not tolerate such slow internet service and I would choose to live somewhere other than southern Utah. LOL. But that's just me.

So anyway, to accommodate those whose internet connections are excruciatingly less than ideal, I've decided to provide some photographic highlights of our trip. Enjoy.

Day 1
Storm clouds on I-15
Racing the storm on our way to St. George
Day 2
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Rainstorm at Grand Canyon

Quaint room in Williams, AZ
Our quaint room in Williams, AZ
Day 3

Hunter on Route 66
Hunter on Route 66
The VLA has moved
Ruidoso sky
Nearing Ruidoso
Day 4

More water wars
Jo, Phil & Ginger at war
The battle wages on
The battle rages on
Everybody is drenched
The after-effects
Sweet Laurel
Sweet Laurel
Day 5

ruidoso 055
Garrett ponders
ruidoso 079
Two cute golfers
ruidoso 082 vintage
My sweetie
ruidoso 071v
A pro at work
Day 6
durango 007
Speeder car
durango 017
A bunch of speeder cars
durango 064
Santa Fe
Day 7
durango 094
Durango & Silverton
durango 105
Chasing the Durango & Silverton
durango 121
Million Dollar Highway
durango 132

1 comment:

ang said...

that's funny that you got so many complaints...but no comments on the blog!!

i like all the pics! makes me a little green...sometimes i wish i could travel the world (or a tiny slice of it) at the drop of a hat!