Monday, June 18, 2007

Surprise in the Woods

Friday (June 15th) was my bday! Yay, me! Lol. My dad gave me a card that summed it up pretty nicely. It said: "Another birthday? Weren't you old enough last year?" The answer is most definitely yes. Enough said! :D
So Hunter and I decided to get the heck out of Dodge for the weekend; this is definitely a recurring theme. H told me about a spot where he and his friend Tauno used to camp that was nothing short of perfect. This spot is on Heber Mountain/Duchesne Ridge near Lake Creek Summit. I'm not sure what that even means, except that it's on a mountain and it takes a while to get there! So we headed out Friday evening and crossed our fingers that Hunter would be able to find it again. Well I don't know why I bother questioning; Hunter drove straight there! I think he surprised even himself.

Well he was right (as usual), this place is gorgeous. Imagine beautiful green meadows with sporadic patches of evergreens and you'll know what I'm talking about. We parked next to a small grove of trees and looked for Hunter's favorite tent-spot. Well, it's been a few years since he'd last been there and things had changed. For starters, Tauno's usual tent-spot now has a new and glorious occupant:If you can't make out the object in the midst of the heavenly glow, it's a makeshift latrine. Someone placed a bottomless bucket WITH a toilet seat in this most opportune location. I'm certain Hunter did not feel the same way about this sight but I could not refrain from weeping tears of joy. Could it be any more perfect?!? Well, of course it could...but when compared with the alternative it takes on a whole new appeal!

Of course, the other new additions were not quite as splendid. Unfortunately, the grove is now carpeted with several layers of elk hooey. Yikes! Who wants to bed down on that stuff?! We (and by we I mean me) also heard tons of bees in the trees and the ground was somewhat marshy in spots. So after painful deliberation we determined there was only one choice. The tent would have to go in the meadow, not the trees. No elk hooey for these little campers! Here's a shot of our picturesque campsite:So we had yummy campfire cooking for dinner, and after gazing at the stars and freezing our tails off we hit the hay.

The next morning, as the sun baked our tent and tried to roast us out into the open, I couldn't help but notice the inordinate amount of buzzing going on outside. Did our tent look like a big flower needing pollenation, or were we sleeping next to a beehive? I wasn't sure I wanted to find out. We climbed out of our tent to discover this:Hello! Have you ever seen so many dandelions?! Where were they last night? Cuz I sure as heck didn't see them then! Luckily I had taken pictures of our campsite, so I had proof. Those dandelions were fast asleep by 7 pm, which is when we arrived. So we had no idea they were there. What a beautiful morning surprise! Mother Nature sure is sneaky!

We brought our RC trucks (of course) and did some exploring. Notice that our campsite is smack in the middle of the ONLY dandelion field in sight! That's all for now. Stay tuned! :)

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ang said...

was that toilet really glowing or is that your photoshop magic???

ps happy LATE birthday (i suck)