Monday, June 18, 2007

Dishwashers, Carousels, and My Mom Turns Green

Becca came to town for yet another of her endless training conferences, and since the kids are on summer break she brought them too. My mama was sweet to come with her, so she could watch the kids while Becca was at her conference and I wouldn't have to "miss" work. However, Becca decided to come up a day early and take the buddies to Lagoon, since they had never been. I was more than happy to "miss" work for this event, and I convinced Hunter he should be too. So woohoo! Wednesday morning we rounded up the gang and headed for the chaos.

Braxton and Ryker were pretty excited, as they are big enough to go on most of the rides. We tried out a couple of mild ones and Becca stayed back with Kazie. Well, Kazie has decided (completely of her own accord) that Aunt Rachie really rocks, and she doesn't appreciate it when I leave her behind. So as soon as each ride ended I had to run back to Kazie and reassure her that I would take her on a cool ride in "just a minute". I don't think she was fooled. I was kinda surprised my mom was so gung-ho about joining in, and rode every ride with us! I think it's been a while since she's done anything like that, because after about three rides she was bright green! I've never seen her that color before! She's a fighter though, and refused to let the motion sickness slow her down. She continued to accompany the boys on virtually every ride they went on. What a woman!

So the rides we went on with Braxton and Ryker were kinda mild. Then we had to ride the carousel a few times for Kazie's sake. After waiting in line for three days to get beat up by the white roller coaster, we decided we were hungry and took a lunch break. Then my mom and Becca took the kids to Laguna Beach and Hunter and I headed for the good stuff.

By this time we were pretty toasty, so when we spotted the "Cliffhanger" which promised to drench us, we jumped at the chance. Sweet relief was on it's way! Or at least, that's what we thought. Turns out, this ride is just like being inside a dishwasher! You get in, the ride shakes you around, turns you upside down, squirts water jets at you, shakes you some more, squirts more water, turns you upside down again, and pretty much soaks you from top to bottom. Boy, was that a weird experience! Not exactly sure it's one I want to repeat, either.

So then we decided to ride the Colossus. This was my first roller coaster ever, and I have fond memories of being terrified on the suspenseful slow climb at the beginning. As a teenager, I was so proud of myself when I dared to ride it more than once...what a daredevil! So today I figured it would be the crowning event and I was ready to get rocked.

Or not. Huh? That was it? What a letdown! Turns out, the Colossus is not nearly as insane as I remembered it to be! It was fun, but on a scale of 1-10 I'd put it at about 4.5. Now the Shiekra (I think that's the name...) at Busch Gardens? A solid ten. Scared the boogers right outta me.

Nonetheless, we had a great time at Lagoon and the kids loved it. I'd say that we got them good and worn out, but I think the adults were way more exhausted! We were more than happy to call it a day.

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