Sunday, May 27, 2007

Run for the Hills!

Can I just tell you, this week has been rough. Tuesday evening I received an email from the owner of the company asking me to run a report, and it's been downhill ever since. I've been working on reports nonstop, with no end in sight! Not a big deal, except for the part where I have all of my regular responsibilities clammoring for attention. Yikes. So when Friday came around, I was more than ready to pack my bags and run for the hills. After a brief but necessary nap, of course.

Yay! Hunter and I threw a change of clothes, sleeping bags, tent, and RC toys in the truck and hit the road! Or tried to anyway...until we discovered the truck had a dead battery. Great. We scanned the empty parking lot of our neighborhood and wondered what we were gonna do. Hunter had a few tricks up his sleeve but they were to no avail; we still had a dead truck. So we got brave and headed to a house across the street...the only other place that appeared to have someone home. Fortunately we found a good samaritan who saved the day, and our truck was ready to rock and roll. Phew! Praises for good neighbors!

So we were off. We met up with my sister Esther and hubby Nathan in Heber, and Nathan's brother Blaine and wife Chantel joined us as well. We headed for the hills. After making our poor truck climb the steepest hill ever invented, we found ourselves in the mountains near Strawberry Reservoir and settled on a decent camping spot. We pitched our tents and proceeded to chow down on some good 'ole campfire cookin'. YUM! Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves. Here's our lovely campsite:
Isn't that the best looking sight you've ever seen? The scenery is quite pretty as well. Here's some more pics of the campsite: That's my cute sister Esther, or Messie as I prefer to call her. See the baby in her belly? It's a girl!!! Woohoo! She should be arriving sometime near the end of September. Yay, I can't wait to meet her.

Anyway, back to the story. So we stuffed ourselves silly and went to bed. I love camping and being far away from work, but sometime around 3:00 am I came to a tragic realization...I'm getting old. It's sad, but true. Due to my past relationship with Accutane, I now have minor joint problems. Apparently those joints did not appreciate being subjected to a night of 'sleep' on the cold hard ground, and they complained loudly. However, I managed to mostly ignore them and still caught a few Zzz's.

So the next morning we had more excellent campfire cooking, compliments of Chef Messie! :) Then we packed up and the Rigby crew (Essie, Nathan, Blaine & Chantel) headed home. Hunter and I took the RC trucks for a walk and then took a drive of our own through the mountains. It is absolutely gorgeous in the Uintahs, and spring has arrived early this year. Here are a few of our favorite shots:

And, my personal favorite:


ang said...

wow - that place looks amazing! glad you had a good time! hope your bones feel better soon.

ps i haven't been notified of the new blog yet...

Sarah said...

LOVE IT!! I'm not sure what was better - the pics or the story!!! They were great!!! I love to see the mountains!! Maybe we'll be there some day and we'll all have to go camping again!!!