Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Trips, Commence!

Woohoo, summertime! I am so happy to be rid of the snow and the gloom that comes with it. Last year, as many of you know, Hunter and I took several epic roadtrips on our trusty steed:
The V-Strom of joy! This little buddy has taken us to Santa Fe, Glacier National Park, Monument Valley, Lehman's Caves, Chama, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Roosevelt, Jackson Hole, and the list goes on. This weekend he took us to Henrieville, woohoo! We went to visit my favorite parents and see the Bar J Wranglers perform in Panguitch. Okay, I admit it sounds random but the Bar J Wranglers rock! Well, maybe twang is a better Whatever it is, they are really good at it! Check out their website here. My dad and Hunter have both been big fans for several years, so when Gary found out they were coming to Panguitch we knew this event was not to be missed. Here's some of the Bar J dudes with my parents:

We had a great time. I am always in awe when I witness such amazing talent, and I'm grateful when people are willing to share their gifts for our benefit. Yay.

So the next day Hunter and I were both so tired of having allergies. This spring has been especially brutal...we are constantly sneezing. Let me tell you how cool it is when you sneeze while wearing a riding helmet...yikes. Not only do I have to clean the inside of the visor as well as the outside, but Hunter is always appreciative of the high pitched ACHOO in his headphones. Anyway, you get the idea. So we decided that since we weren't riding that day it would be a good time to try out some allergy medication. Which brings me to another topic.

Ya, so me and allergy medication have a love-hate relationship. I love to be allergy-free, but I hate the side-effects. I have tried all kinds of allergy meds with pretty much the same result: I'm a zombie. If I can, I will sleep for hours after the medicine kicks in. If I absolutely cannot sleep (i.e. someone is holding my eyelids open), I'm in a fog. I feel like a zombie that is sleepwalking. I want to drop down on the spot and submit to peaceful oblivion. It's brutal, and I detest it so the allergies have to be pretty bad before I will even consider meds.

So we both took allergy meds. Hunter, fortunately, is not cursed with instant zombiness the moment he glances at a package of medicine that barely suggests the possibility of drowsiness. And since we were not in the city, he wanted to be outside enjoying the clean air and solitude. We had taken our RC trucks with us, so we decided to take them for a walk. He had the Land Rover and I had the Hummer, and we headed out. We walked through the wash behind the house, and by the time we reached the bridge I was officially in Stage 3 sleep. Alpha waves and everything. Of course, H thought I was still awake because I was walking, and would respond when spoken to. But I was definitely somewhere else!! We walked to the Henrieville Reservoir, which turned out to be quite a journey. By the time we returned to the house we were both famished, exhausted, and dying of thirst. Our little walk had turned out to be a three hour hike of sorts, and I was pretty proud of myself! Of course, after eating lunch I promptly zonked out for the rest of the afternoon but hey, I earned it! During our walk the clouds came in and we got a teeny bit of rain. Here's some pics of the sky:

On Sunday we returned home, and we had to head out early to beat the storm. We rode through some of the most incredible terrain; it was absolutely breathtaking. We took Hwy 12 through Escalante and over Boulder Mtn into Torrey. From there we went thru Bicknell and up thru Fremont. Then on to Huntington, and Huntington Canyon, Fairview Canyon, Spanish Fork Canyon, and home. It was a gorgeous, stunning ride that we will definitely do again! These pics don't even come close to doing it justice, but I have to share them anyway:

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