Monday, May 14, 2007

Red Bull Gives You Wings!!!

We went to the Red Bull Air Races in Monument Valley on Saturday, and it was INCREDIBLE! We left Friday and travelled with Hunter's friend Ted and Ted's brother Mike. We rode through Spanish Fork Canyon which is always gorgeous, but still kinda scares me cuz semi-trucks have a tendency to explode there. Anyway, we rode to Moab where we stayed with a friend of Mike's, and crashed for the night. I was pretty wasted.

Saturday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and encountered a dilemma. What were we supposed to do with our bulky riding gear during the airshow? With temps in the 90s, wearing it all day was out of the question…we'd have heat stroke for sure!! Carrying it wouldn't be any better, and if we left it with the bike we may as well attach a sign that says "Free to a Good Home". We could fit our jackets in the trunk, but the riding pants were a lost cause. After consideration, debate, tears and bloodshed we made the executive decision to nix the riding pants. So, we hit the road wearing helmets, gloves, riding jackets…and shorts. Ya, I was really praying the road didn't hit back.

We arrived at Monument Valley about 2 1/2 hours later with plenty of bug guts on our knees. Yikes!! I sure didn't think about that before we left! The venue was amazing. The crowd was limited to 5000 people, and we were on the side of a mountain. The air races actually took place in the valley below, so we didn't have to crane our necks to see the planes. The pilots raced thru a series of pylons while performing aerobatic stunts at exhilerating speeds. It was absolutely phenomenal. Here are a few of our photos:

This was seriously the coolest event ever!! We hope they do this again next year, and if so we're taking all of you guys. This definitely should not be missed!!!

After another 2 1/2 hr ride, we returned to Moab exhausted, famished and sunburned. Ya, remember how we wore shorts? Our white legs are now lobster red. Especially Hunter's. I have a red stripe just above my knee that is pretty angry about life, and Hunter has two legs matching this description. He has a sunburn of's awful!! I'm whining and wimpering about my poor miserable stripe and he occasionally mentions his 'uncomfortable' legs. How does this poor guy put up with me?? I do not know, but I'm sure glad he does!

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ang said...

oh my pasty skin is cringing at the thought of any degree of burn inflicted by the sun. sounds like you guys had an awesome trip. we love moab and usually go in the spring...not sure what happened this year...